About Me

I grew up in Toronto, but I was meant to be a West Coast girl.  I have been in BC for many years now and the beauty of the PNW amazes me every day. 

We all take pictures now, and mine tend to be of my neighbourhood, Deep Cove, and surrounding areas.  I try to capture the many moods of this unique hidden gem, from the sun to the fog to the rain, sundown, sunup, you name it. 

I do also love to travel and photograph my journeys.  I am mostly attracted to water, and so if I had a ‘specialty’ that would be it….I am drawn to waves, tides, reflections, the surf, colour blue….

In The Works

My 2016 Deep Cove calendars will be available early Fall 2015 at Room6 in the Cove or send me an email!  I also have postcards available of Deep Cove and Vancouver.

Me Elsewhere

I guest post for other blogs and companies (most recently here + here) as well as updating my Instagram and VSCO feeds every day, user name @ainsleywest1 

Drop by and say hello on Instagram for I am there at least once a day and please sign up on my mailing list below to receive updates on new and exciting things to come (hint: calendars + prints).  Of course the best way to get in touch with me is email:  hello@ainsleywestphoto.com 

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Thanks for visiting my website and I look forward to connecting with you!